How to pick lashes that suit you!

Have you ever bought eyelashes that don’t suit your eye shape? Well here are 3 SB secrets that will help you find the perfect lashes for your eyes.
Firstly, what is your eye shape? This will determine the type of false eyelashes that will suit your eye shape.

Secondly, how big are your eyes? The size of your eyes will enable you to find the right fit for your eyes.

 The three categories are:
  • Petite eye
  • Medium eye
  • Large eye
SB TIP: If your lashes are too long for your eyes, the best way to deal with this is to measure the false lashes against your eyes and trim from the outer edge!


Lastly, how long are your eyelashes?

This will help you determine a suitable volume of false lashes for your eyes.
The most common mistake made is having false lashes that are too thick for your eyelids which can affect the sensitivity of your eyes.
Therefore are your natural lashes,
Small, Medium or Voluminous?
Knowing this will helps you to decide how thick the lashes can be for your eyes.


Our Lash recommendations that will suit your eye shape 


                                          Almond eyes

Almond eye shaped have soo many options because the majority of different lash styles flatter their shape! However, the symmetrical curve of the false eyelashes enhances the almond eye shape as it gives it a fuller and dramatic look. if you're going for the dramatic look, the Amore Mink lash will definitely make you look stunning girlll! (Celebrity: Beyoncé)

Monolid eyes


Monolid eyes have fewer options because they usually have straight lashes and small eyes. Therefore, trying out our Blaze Mink lash can add dimension and depth which makes your eye look fuller and defined! (Celebrity: Eva Chen, Liu Wen)

Hooded eyes

Hooded eye shape also has limited options but we've got you covered! Our recommendation is to try falsies that are thin at the edges and longer in the middle. The Amy Mink Lash will give you an illusion of depth and allow your eyelashes to look well-defined! (Celebrity: Jennifer Lawrence)

Deep Set eyes


Deep set eye shapes are bigger and more dramatic. Going for lashes that are fuller will complement the size of your eyes whilst trying to achieve a glamours look. You can try our Grande Mink Lash to give you a dramatic look! (Celebrity: Natalie Portman)


Protruding eyes

Protruding eye shapes draw attention even without eyelash extensions as they tend to be larger. Going for our wispy, feathery, and well-defined Scarlet Mink lash gives you an elegant frame without taking away your natural beauty. (Celebrity: Olivia Palermo)



Now that you know your eye shape, shop our Luxury Mink Lash Collection & Tag Us using #SBdolls. 



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