Why you need to clean you make up brushes

After one month, unclean make-up tools holds more bacteria than researchers were able to measure!! How disgusting does that sound!

Avoid germs

When you consistently use dirty make-up tools, you are basically putting the germs back into your makeup products which can cause serious vicious cycle, clogged pores, and uneven skin texture. Always try and ensure that you wash your brushes at least once a week to prevent bacterias and germs from your face.

Better colour application

Dirty makeup brushes are ineffective. It causes your makeup to change colour when it’s been applied. This is because old makeup brushes already have colour pigmentation on it. Therefore to achieve a clean, elegant look, it is best to ensure that you use clean make-up tools.

 Long lasting brushes

When you keep on washing your makeup tools, you are basically preserving them! The more you make sure that your makeup tool is clean, the longer it will last. Dirty make up brushes are rough and dry due to the amount of products on makeup brushes. Therefore, make sure you keep your brushes as clean as possible; it will save you some cash as well!

Lash curlers need cleaning too

Another tip is to ensure that you wash or clean your eyelash curlers. If it has old mascara and excessive dirt, you may end up losing your eyelashes as it tends to be sticky! Try and remove old mascara and excessive dirt by using wipes to clear it off!!

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