About Us

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 Sinmi Adekola founded Sinmisbeautique as a weekly blog page from the age of fifteen. The beauty blogger then progressed her skills across to YouTube where she began to create How-To tutorials for her niche market. Since then her idea has been non-stop growth, becoming a certified make-up artist and starting her own cosmetic business.

 The SinmisBeautique team aims to expand and develop affordable beauty products and services for the everyday girl. Inspire those with flawless highlights, long lashes, and boss pigments. Picking and packing all your orders by hand, our goal is to provide the best customer service and make you feel as part of the SinmisBeautique family.

 The company is constantly growing every day and we want you to be apart of that growth.

Love, SinmisBeautique  

 Owner, Sinmi Adekola

Est. November 2015