SinmisBeautiquePRO - Contract


Additional Charges 

£7 charge to upgrade to Mink Lashes 

Travel Charge - Depending on Location, Fee will be agreed and discussed between both parties. 


A mandatory 50% deposit is required by all clients when booking an appointment with SinmisBeautique. This deposit is required to secure your booking with SinmisBeautique, your booking is not confirmed until this deposit is paid. The total deposit is non-refundable and in some cases non-transferable. If the deposit is not paid by at least 7 days before the scheduled appointment, then booking becomes open and can be taken by other clients.


Payment can be sent via the, PayPal or Cash. 

Fees and Expenses

Any additional fees will be discussed at the earliest stage possible. Fees may include but are not limited to travel fees or accommodation required by SinmisBeautique. These fees are to be paid by the Client if a prior arrangement is not discussed.

Changes in Agreement

Any changes/cancellation made to this contract must be made in writing and signed by both parties. In the event that the client is forced to change the date that has been initially agreed, every effort will be made by SinmisBeautique for their services to be rescheduled to the new date. Additional fees may occur and deposits in some cases may not be transferable. The client should understand that last minute and unexpected changes may impact the quality of service given by SinmisBeautique.

SinmisBeautique will try to be as accommodating to change as possible but cannot take responsibility for any compromise that may impact on quality. If the client changes the date/location from that which has been initially agreed and SinmisBeautique is unavailable to provide services, then SinmisBeautique is released from all contract obligations and shall in no way be held responsible or liable for non-performance. The client also forfeits all costs for non-compliance with this agreement.


By Client

In the event of cancellation by the client, it is the client's full responsibility to inform SinmisBeautique via Telephone or email at least 24 hours before the scheduled time. This time period will prevent additional charges occurring such as if SinmisBeautique has already started to travel the distance a travel fee will have to be paid by the client. If accommodation is booked and paid for by SinmisBeautique it's the client's responsibility to pay the fees. All Deposits remain non-refundable.

By SinmisBeautique

In the unlikely event of Sinmi Adekola having to cancel the clients booking due to sickness or unforeseen circumstances, all fees will be returned and SinmisBeautique will try to find an alternative Makeup Artist. SinmisBeautique cannot be held responsible for any natural disasters that may occur on the day, such as fire, flood, earthquake or any other natural or human acts.


By Client

In the event of lateness, a half an hour grace period is given. After a full hour, a £10 fee applies. Depending on the arrangement rescheduling or a time change can occur.

By SinmisBeautique

In the event of lateness by SinmisBeautique a £10 discount will be applied to the final balance after one full hour in certain cases.

Responsibility of the Client

All Clients are solely responsible for paying the correct fee agreed per contract to SinmisBeautique. ( View Payment section for ways to pay). The deposit is required 7 days prior to booking. On the agreed day of booking the client is responsible for the travel expenses and accommodation (if applicable) of SinmisBeautique, calculated and agreed per contract. To understand the time that is required to perform a full makeup application. Please give enough time suggested by the artist otherwise a minimal time slot could impact the quality of service.

Responsibility of SinmisBeautique

With given permission from the client, photographs are taken and used for promotional purposes only. The photographs taken could be posted on social media outlets, and by SinmisBeautique with a company name or logo used to protect the image. If a client wishes to opt out of photographs this agreement can be modified in writing and must be approved and signed by both parties. SinmisBeautique gives permission for clients to share photographs of or including SinmisBeautique for promotional or testimonial purposes on social media or websites. To provide clear and transparent contracts/agreements stating all additional fees to the client in writing.

Thank you for taking the time to thoroughly read the terms and conditions please proceed to email SinmisBeautique to continue with the booking.