Gleam Luminous Powder

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The Luminous Powder Gleam. Gleam is a pure gold highlighter with extremely reflective particles. Gleam is a white-based powder but with a single look, you could almost feel the gold. Our first formula works to be the ultimate glow; the reflective particles, lasting power, and great pigmentation mean its a winner. The Luminous Powders are in a loose form and held in a jar with rotating sifter. A little always goes a long way with our luminous powders so you only ever need a bit to get your glow on! 
Net Weight 6G – Made In Spain
Ingredients – Mica (C.I. 77019)  , Titanium Dioxide  (C.I. 77891), Tin Oxide,  Titanium Dioxide Cl 77891 Mica Cl77019, Magnesium Stearate, Kaolin Clay.